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Default Re: How to get big clouds from Nakhla

That's just it. Nak is a dryer shisha that has a good pronounced flavor. All of these super wet shisha's have tons of veg. glycerin that produce the billowing smoke clouds you're accustomed to.

There's a couple of options -

Put a little honey or molasses in with the Nak. It's blasphemy, but will make a small difference.

I've noticed that putting coconut milk (cheaper alternative is the $3 pina colada mixers) in with the water in the base. About 2/3 water and 1/3 coconut milk. A lot of hookah lounges in the middle east use milk/cream in their bases along with the water, which I feel would do about the same (I'm just always worried about the milk warming up and souring over a long session).

Enjoy the flavor of Nak. That's what you're smoking it for.

edit: And I have noticed that some of the Nak in the glass jars tends to be a tad bit wetter, as stated above.
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