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Default Re: Most weird thing you found on your tobacco?

Originally Posted by Sambooka
Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
Once in a box of Zaghloul a few years back I found a diamond ring which freaked me out. I dropped a line to Nakhla and someone at the plant did lose it so I mailed it back. They sent me 10 kilos of all kinds of stuff so it was a pretty good deal. Other then that, nothing.
All kinds of crazy shyt happens to Hajo! I can believe this!

You are an honest man to send the ring back Hajo, you are a good person!
Thanks Samb, I always have wacky stuff happen to me ( i'll tell you about the Datsun with the Chevy big block and an old blues guy some time) but yeah the ring was crazy. I felt pretty good about giving it back and getting all that stuff shipped to me was really cool. Besides, back then my wife was still alive and she already had a ring so it wasn't like I could use it anyway.
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