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Well first i started smoking shisha 1 month ago and that was for 3 days until my first pipe broke (25 euro one from market) Yesturday i recieved my knew pipe (shi-sham european pipe one of the best) i have 6x tangiers and 3x Af and some testers from **********.

Well the problem, first i did AF grape didnt taste like anything ask for help on the chat. And some suggestions were made such as:

Tobacco is old = got it 5 days ago
Coals not lit enough= Maybe first time but second time (new tobacco) i made sure there were glowing red.

Then i thought ok maybe its the phunnel or the tobacco. Resulted that it was none for them seing i switched to tangiers large phunnel head and tangiers guava. Didnt taste like anything again :S

I really dont know what im doing wrong i used the beginners guide aswell.

Any ideas?

I might upload a video of me setting up my hookah later on if that helps.

It wouldnt bother if i could get the tobacco round the corner but i do live in europe so shipping is about 54$!!!! So i don't want to waste the tobacco.

Thanks in advance

Pascal Wagner

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