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Default Re: Nicotine Withdrawals?

Originally Posted by Gadfly View Post
I smoked cigarettes for 5 years around a pack a day and recently quit and I still have withdrawal symptoms, headaches, hot flashes, irritability (I've always been cantankerous though), but I feel better for doing it. I've never felt withdrawal symptoms from hookah though, but I also smoke a bowl a day sometimes not even that. I believe the addiction from cigarettes comes from the additives put into them not the nicotine itself. It could just be a mental thing where you believe this is what should happen and therefore it does. No offense intended just an opinion on what might be happening.
Have you heard there is a certain type of ammonia in cigarettes that causes the nicotine to get into your brain faster for even more absorption.I think that is just pure evil.Who would put ammonia in their body willingly? Dirty little secrets of cigarettes. Congratulations on staying away from cigarettes that is a very hard addiction to conquer. Hookah, I have no idea of the dangers of it, but somehow in my brain filtering smoke through water is safer.
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