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Default Re: Nakhla vs starbuzz

Originally Posted by kiper7 View Post
I don't like both!
Nakla taste shit and produce not enough smoke.
Starbuzz smoking well but its tasteless shit.
I prefer Al Fakher and Fantasia.
The amount of smoke produced is unimportant... The amount of smoke does not effect the taste in anyway... Why do people say Nakhla is not good just because it doesn't smoke well? This sounds like Trendy hippster babble to me. No offense meant to anyone at all.

Now, that being said...I enjoy Nakhla, I think the taste is better. When the package says "mango" you taste a real mango, not candy mango, not "mango-ish" but you taste a real fruit flavor. Can a person get a Nicotine buzz off of it? Yes, but if you do what your supposed to, don't hoover it, don't smoke on an empty stomach, your fine. But this is not a reason to down play it.
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