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Default Vase Grommet issues with AF Solid

Alright. The grommet that came with the AF hookah was awesome until it broke. It was air tight and allowed for the stem to get in and out of the vase easily. It was pretty thin and had ribs.

But yeah, it broke and then we ordered some 'Egyptian' base grommets. These suckers are way too effing thick and we had to sand them down to just about 2/5 of their original thickness to even get the stem in halfway. Having the stem only half in looks ugly and the grommet does not provide as airtight of a seal as the original one did.

Could anyone help me figure out what the other 'type' of grommet was? It was a softer plastic, thin and ribbed. The 'ribs' were more like flaps that went all the way around it instead of just bumps.

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