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Default Re: Nakhla has been ordered thanks to john!

Originally Posted by ngraz617 View Post
I just got a box of Nakhla double apple and I'll tell you i'm not so impressed. it's full of stems and it gives you a terrible buzz I had to stop smoking it and got very dizzy. This is supposed to be enjoyable. But then I started again, slowed down and once I got used to it it really was okay. I just don't think I'm a Nakhla person yet but I'll keep smoking it, maybe I chained it too long. I prefer the Af's and SB's and HH's. more my style. But I'm not giving up on it, too many people love it. I just have to get a great flavor, I'm not a mint person. I want a great flavor to try it again. What's the best flavors. I wont order a box again.
that's probably because you're not used to the nicotine. nakhla isn't as washed as AF and definitely not superwashed like SB (meaning more nicotine content, more tobacco flavor.) you don't have to like nakhla DA because everyone else loves it (personally, i hate anise flavors so i can't stand this.) boxed nakhla is just fine and has some of the best flavors, there's only a few flavors that i know of that come in a jar. try sweet melon and mandarin
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