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Default Re: 'Authentic' Egyptian and Syrian Hookahs?

My personal philosophy is that it matters less the exact location of where the hookah was made, and what matters the most is if the hookah is of good quality - are the hose ports big enough, are the welds clean, is it solid feeling or rattle-prone, is the stem a single diameter, or is it made of screw apart hollow sections (big gripe of mine with Sahara ), are the materials of good quality, and does everything work as it should (release valves, free-flowing air, ash trays that fit, etc. etc.)

Something that you may notice about distributors is that they get a large shipment of stems and a large shipment of glass, not necessarily from the same place, or at the same time... that's what makes the combo different at one shop versus another, and why sometimes hookahs come with ill-fitting gaskets - the parts are around the same size, but there are always variances.

People are looking for genuine Egyptian and Syrian hookahs because these guys wrote the book on hookah, and are generally the best quality we see. If they are authentic, you'll know when you see/smoke out of them.

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