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Originally Posted by paulk View Post
No you don't.
This country may be good for some things but the government in general BITES!

A few of my friends and I were talking over the hookah last weekend, Discussing politics, and even though a couple of them are Republican, another a Democrat, and a couple of in-between, we all agree we are seeing a pattern for a major uprising of the population against the Government.

I do love this country, but until the Government gets straightened out I would not suggest anyone move here.

As for the Burner I have an old one similar to that and it works great for starting nats.
Not to derail the thread, but you're correct, and you're not the only ones noticing this trend either. Things are going to get ugly in the USA within the next decade, now wouldn't be a good time to plan on moving to this side of the pond.

Government is overstepping its bounds in the wrong areas, and ignoring their jobs in the right ones.

Looks to me like the start of another civil war.
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