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I cant believe none of you figured this out yet. I immediately knew the problem when you said you could taste it more every 4th puff. The problem is your airflow. NOTHING TO DO WITH HOSE UNLESS IT FAILS A PRESSURE TEST! To do a pressure test just plug the bottom and suck. If you can feel a lot of air or any at all, especially if its a new hose, then its having pressure problems and will prevent your hose from drawing hard enough to heat the shisha. Also the reason you can taste it more every 4th puff is because the tobacco is temporarily getting hotter after the first 3 wimpy puffs and once you get a decent draw, especially with tangiers, your going to take a break. Which lets the tobacco cool down and forces you to heat it up again. My recomedation is first try the pressure test, if passes then dramatically reduce the ammount of holes you have on your bowl because your letting too much air in and its not properly heating your coals. I will be uploading a basic tutorial in a little bit to allow everyone to observe the proper size and ammount of holes. I have NO more than 20 medium to small sized holes on my bowl to give you an idea of how little amount of holes you need to poke.
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