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Default My new KM Tri Metal

I just wanted to mention I recently got my KM Tri Metal from Caravan Trading on Ebay. It is my first authentic hookah. I must admit I ordered it mostly because I am an art lover. I display my hookah in my living room on top of my fireplace mantle when it's not in use. I figured it would look awesome (which it does) and would make a good conversation maker (being hand made and all). When I got it I just had to smoke it to see what all the fuss was about KM and to see if it really was that much different then what I was using. I have to say, WOW. I loved it. It was a perfect smoke. I fired up Hookah Hookah Root Beer, had the perfect heat, nice cold water, just everything was great. Though I won't use it for my everyday smoke, I will really enjoy using it for those times I really want to just totally get into the mood. I will be ordering a washable hose and new bowl but other then that it will stay as is. Thanks goes out to all the Hookah Pro members who reviewed the pro's and con's of the KM's as well as those who reviewed shisha. It was most helpful in my decisions to purchase the items I mentioned. Thanks all!
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