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Default sad, sad day my fellow hookah heads

So, I just received my order from - a 38" red double pear with many extras.

Here is the problem, the vase i ordered was out of stock so I switched it with a vase you would find on a tri-metal but when I got it, the base might as well have been a solid-clear glass all if had was a half inch band going around it with a small design.

Basically it looks really ugly and the 'red' stem was solid and the welds were done well but it looked more pink than red.... Also, it was very very wobbly.

So I will be returning it tomorrow, unfortunately.

I am going to go with a shorter hookah, I still want a km so this is where I ask for hookahpro's help.

I am looking at this 31" kafae:

and this 34" single pear: http://**********.com/

which looks better? and if someone else finds a km on another site that is anywhere from 30" to about 34" please reply in this thread with the link

I am a very sad panda right now and I want to find my new one and order it asap!

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