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Default Re: Newbie - My order with HJ


Apologies for the late reply I was away on work.

In hindsight it would have been better to obtain advice before placing the order I suppose nevertheless...

I went for just one large phunnel for when I have a few folk over, medium for normal day-to-day usage.

I have a few AF flavours which we all enjoy at home, Mint, Apple, Orange, Grape, Watermelon, Apple+Mint etc - I wanted to have a seperate hose for each flavour and ideally a separate hookah for each flavour to avoid contamination of flavours etc

So the general consensus seems to be either the 28" Alam Misr (any UK shops?) or the KM Trophy. Any other recommendations, looking to buy 2-3 to add to another 2-3 at home.

With regards to cleaning the hookah I normally use warm water, is that acceptable?

Lastly, charcoal a local outfit is selling Abo Alabed for 2.50 I have been using it for over a year and sometimes it just doesn't contribute to a successful smoke where other elements are consistant i.e. packing, heat management. I know of a batch with holes in the middle and recently that's not present.

I used BBQ instant light briquettes and did let them burn for over 10+ minutes, didn't get a headache and they do last a while, any thoughts?

Any other coal recommendations, CocoBrico maybe? I'm in the UK

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