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Default Re: Newbie - My order with HJ

Yh i would have stocked up on small phunels for everyday use, when you get them you will know what we mean.

And as for a hose for each flavour, i dont see the point, because if you blow the extra smoke from the hose after every use and give it a clean once in a while with water, you shouldn't really get taste from other flavours.

But if you have a hose for citrus flavours, one for fruity flavours, one for apples, that wouldnt be a bad idea

And for hookahs for different flavours, again if you give it a good clean with baking soda and lemon juice you will not get taste from different flavours, what hapens when you buy more different flavours? just get as many hookahs as you need and i dont recommend getting different one's for different flavours, i got 9 hookahs ATM and still only smoke from 1 most of the time, no matter the flavours.

The problem with those Abo Alabed coal is they dont produce enough heat, when i used them once i had to cover the whole bowl with coal just to get enough heat to get it smoking decently, cocobrico's are way better, but i recommend coconara's if you are willing to import them from the US.

BBQ instant light briquettes are a no no, as they produce chemicals that aint good when smoking a hookah.

As for cleaning, what i do it putting baking soda down the stem and then lemon juice and then use the stem bruish and clean it, same with the vase
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