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Default Re: What is the right way to mix tobacco flavors?

I have a small glass Mixing bowl and I mix for one Hookah bowl have mixed Nakhla DA and El Basha Caramel very nice Candy apple flavor in the end about a 80% Da and 20% Caramel (breaks the anise Flavor and sweetens the DA)

Most Important make notes of your mixes so that you can duplicate what you have mixed when you find a mix you like. Strong flavors like Mint Cardamon and Earl Grey should be mixed in smaller quantities for they are liable to mask the flavor you are trying to achieve remember it is like putting salt in food you can always add some more later than remove the excess.

Another thing I look at is recipe's for what I am trying to achieve (baking or cooking) and when working with cinamon and cardamon which is spices find the proper complimentory flavor in a recipe and look at the ratios used there helps you to get an Idea of what you want to achieve.
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