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Default Re: Newbie - My order with HJ

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
Or you can get the coals from HJ as well his naturals are good as is his Quick lights
But they weigh a lot and posage would be a lot to ship them down

Originally Posted by imran View Post
Many thanks for the very detailed reply I appreciate your help

I have asked HJ if my order has been shipped otherwise I will swap the medium phunnel's for the smaller option.

I did pause for thought with regard to the hoses at one point mainly because at the moment even after I wash the current ones there is a tinge of old flavour! I'm not sure if I'm suppose to wash these... hmmm

I'll keep one for mint, apple, grape and the rest for the citrus flavours can be shared, what do you think?

I won't waste my money buying any more hookah's, maybe just the one more lol. Thanks for the tip though, I currently have two and wash them out on a regular basis in addition to clean water on every third smoke as for some reason the second "chong" tastes much nicer.

I agree about the Abo Alabed coal, we smoke everyday and can get through a 1KG bag in a week or more as it just disintegrates and turns into a whole lot of ash.

I see you're in the UK, how long do cocobrico last? How often do you smoke & where I can get them from? The only issue I have is being stung my customs charges. What about Cococha?

Where do I get coconara's from?

Thanks for all your help, apologies for all the questions!
If the hoses were not advertised as washable they probably wont be suitable to wash and will rust inside, if you can post a picture im sure someone will let you know if you can wash them

Cocobricos last 1-1.5 hours for me on average, but are twice the size of coconara's which last just as long, also the cocobrico's give off a slight chemical taste as well, the cococha i have never used but have heard are 3 times the size of cocobrico so i definitly dont recomend them unless you can break them dowm, as the cocobricos are really bit as it is.

I smoke pretty much everyday as im on holiday at the moment so have a lot of free time

Sharing the citrus flavours is probably a good idea as the other flavour mite blend in well with what you are smoking, and if not you cn always wash them

Coconara's are soon gonna be available on its a uk site, until then has some in stock but are expensive, and i got some for sale as well as i overstocked on them and have 2 dozen 84pcs boxes, check out the sale threads here, its somewhere there.

If you have any more question feel free to ask
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