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Default Re: New to Hookahs... FAIL after FAIL...need adive...

Personally with my expirience with AF is that some of the juice is very thin and is closer to watery then it is like honey and the juice tends to fall to the bottom of the bowl, which means since you use a phunnel its falling to the bottom of the bowl and tangiers bowls have a tendency if you dont manage the holes and heat properly it will only burn the top shisha. That means that the juicy, good, flavorful shisha is left at the bottom of the bowl untouched. Try sprinkling it as lightly as you possibly can so that the heat penetrates to the bottom parts of the shisha. This is the exact reason I use a standard glazed clay bowl so that the heat transfers through the bottom and heats the juicy tobacco. Try a standard bowl if you have one or if you don't then sprikle it as lightly as possible. Good luck bro.
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