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Default Re: Torrent Hookah from

Yeah, It was my first hookah.

Total piece of crap. Shipped with only one of the two autoseals working correctly.

Glass Base was wobbly and chipped.

The downstem insert in the chamber actually had a weld snap on it, and the whole rig was rendered useless. It was less than 4 months old and wanted me to pay to mail it back to them even after emailing them pictures of how the damn thing was just busted and ready for the trash can. *note : the way the weld snapped was not something that could have occured from regular use. The force of screwing the detachable downstem on broke the thread in half*

The actual stem itself has terrible problems with buildup in the chamber and its damn near impossible to clean. Narrow bore, tight draw, all around not worth picking up for the rediculous price.

Instead of spending $105 on that, try something more like this for $100


Honestly you'll most likely find a good KM would be a better starting point than machined junk that will just break down on you in 3 months.
I take very good care of my equipment, scrubbed / rinsed / dryed after every smoke and stored in safe, dry places, and the torrent just fell apart like nobodies business, both my KMs are still going strong after much longer time periods.


On a vendor related note, I'll just throw in that my one and only order (the torrent and a few other supplies) from Hookah-Shisha was kindof a nightmare. My package didn't ship out for about 5 days after i ordered it, so I called them. They never bothered to let me know something on their website, listed as in stock, was out of stock, and it took another 4 days after placing my reorder (with a base actually in stock) to ship out.

I wasn't happy with the customer service, havent been back to them since.

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