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Default Re: Torrent Hookah from

Hookah shisha is a great company with great customer service, they match any price and if you want to save $30 don't get the gifts that come with the hookahs just buy what you need and remember if you spend $100.00 you get a free mini mya hookah which is a great little hookah. Go for a mya if you don't want to go crazy they have some with acrylic bases that are great I have one that's about 24" the odyssey and it smokes right along with my big name hookahs and looks great and wont break. the mya 2 hose auto seal is a great feature and you can end up spending maybe 60-100 and have two hookahs and put on nammor hoses and phunnel bowls, etc. down the line. Mya is a great company sold by more vendors than any other hookah. Best brand out of china, period and it is far from shit. I think HS has one of the best web sites and everything has reviews so whatever you choose you will have many peoples opinions. I'm just saying Mya because I know they are great inexpensive hookahs made very well and make a great two hose system. they have tons of other brands to chose from and they stand behind everything and give an HP discount too. Yes John is excellent too, one of my favorite vendors and you cant go wrong using him either. I would say Hookah Shisha is huge and has a very very good percentage of favorable happy customers too. I mentioned Mya because you started with the torrent and that gave me the impression you weren't going Egyptian or Syrian or KM so I said Mya. All vendors have an occasional problem here and there but they are far and few between with Bottom line wherever you buy your hookah just get a good, highly rated brand. If you were going to get a torrent get a Mya instead.
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