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Default Re: Newbie - My order with HJ

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
I dont think the hoses are washable, im sure the brown one aint, and i haven't seen one thats washable like the large one, the large one reminds me of Km hoses on hookahshop which are not washable.

And i think the second pipe you showed is chinese, the hose port and purge value are the same as my chinese hookah, so its more then likly chinese.

The first one has a nahkla sign on it, and the stem seamed egyptian to me, because of the hose port with is the same as my KM and the purge value as well but i can tell what brand, if you could take a picture from the top, we can comfirm if its a KM

Does it have some sort of lines where the ash tray sits?
I don't think they are washable but I did try to give the cream coloured a good clean, it didn't seem to do the trick.

The Chinese hookah is very well made I was impressed, cost me 35 from Dubai. With regards to the first one I need a replacement shisha base where can I get one from which fits to size?

I'll take some more pics when I get home from work

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