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Default Re: I really need a hookah...

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding
I'd say to look around for local hookah shops so you don't have to buy online and pay shipping.

I'd go with an egyptian or a mini mya as a starter (these are much cheaper in stores than online)
I'm sorry jilly, but I disagree. This is not always the case. The local hookah lounge by my house charges two and even three times the cost of any Mya or Syrian or Egyptian, then what I can find them for online. When I was in the market for my Mya, I first went to them, since I'm friends with the employees and I thought they would give me a good deal. I ended up being dead wrong! For any 25 inch and up Mya hookah, they wanted to charge $300 and up!

I knew they were trying to screw me. I had seen better and taller Mya examples online from reputable vendors costing half as much. Usually anywhere from $130 to $200. And it was the same case with the Egyptians and Syrians they were selling for the most rip-off prices. In my experience I've always found online pricing to be WAY cheaper, and more fair. Of course, I realize that it goes both ways though. And I understand that your local hookah lounge may sell them for cheaper, but I just wanted to make a point, that is not always the case.

Syrianking, I recommend you look through the following reputable vendors:


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