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Default Re: hells yeahhhh, Km in route

Originally Posted by khalsafauji View Post
Yea I have had a couple problems with too. I have no patience when it comes to waiting for my hookah or shisha to show up. I pretty much spend all day tracking it haha. My latest shisha order from saharasmoke just got lost by fedex but they were nice enough to resend it to me today with a free 50g of shisha.

I hopeyou get your shit today man and if you get pulled over just offer the cop to smokewith you ha
if i got pulled over by my campus the cop probably would, if it was in other spots i would probably get my rig smashed and thrown in jail for "paraphernalia" (by the school campus cops dont give a crap but where its less college students some of the cops can be huge pricks)

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