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Unhappy Need help from the Hookah GODS

I know this is a long post, but please read it and help me out, I am desperate!!!!!!!!!!

Hello All,

I have a particularly annoying problem for the past two years and it is bugging me. I love smoking hookah and frequent local hookah bars, but when I make the hookah at home, ITS AWFUL! Really bad aftertaste and almost no fruit flavor. I have read everybody's threads about troubleshooting and tried every solution in the book but I cannot make it right. So, I will share some photos of my setup and tell you how I make it and hopefully someone will give me a solution! Before I spend my life savings at hookah bars.

My setup:
(a) Syrian and Egyptian hookahs, I have both
(b) starbuzz/al fakher/nakhla shisha
(c) three kings quick light coals
(d) mya hose/syrian hoses/ egyptian hoses

Before I start, I have tried about seven different hookah and tried to eliminate the factors that could cause the bad taste, but I have never came to a solution.

Here is the gist:

1. I clean the hookahs stems and bases with lemon juice and baking soda

2. I have washable hoses and non-washable hoses. I have tried over ten different ones.

3. I use Syrian and Egyptian bowls and I have read lots about the right way to pack them. These are my pictures of how I pack the bowls:

I really clean my hookahs very well and I have tried so many different setups and still got the same bad aftertaste, so I kinda eliminated that it is the stem or base. Then I tried new hoses and different bowls, still tastes bad. And I even tried different shishas, flavors, brands...still not right. And I tried several kinds of coals, natural wood, quick light.... still not right. So, basically, I have NO CLUE what to do to make it right. I really really need help with this because it is an expensive thing if you always have to go out to smoke. I tried all the packing techniques on the forum too, below the rim, above the rim etc., and I put the coals on the edge of the bowl. I wait a really long time on the coals too and make sure they are ready and without black spots before I use them. I have wasted so much money trying to figure it out , around 500 bowls, and cannot figure this out. Im about to bang my head on the wall. I only recall one time, about two months ago, I ordered a new can of starbuzz blumist, and it tasted pretty good for about 2 sessions, then back to the bad aftertaste.

Please help. At this point, Im so desperate, two years with only 2 good sessions, that I will award somebody 250gm of shisha if they can give me a solution. Before I go, this is the description of the taste. Its like a burning taste, but the tobacco is not burned if you lift up the tin foil. So, shoot out some solutions and we will see what happens, hopefully before I go broke.

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