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Default Re: Need help from the Hookah GODS

1. stir the shisha up before pack
2. place the shisha on a paper plate or piece of foil and break it up so it is nice and fluffy
3. grab very little bits of shisha and drop them into the bowl
4. one the bowl is filled with about 2-3 mm gap at top stop
5. with a tooth pick make sure all the shisha is level
6. get 2 pieces of reynolds HD foil
7. ensure foil is nice and tight.
8. poke holes with a tooth pick all the way to the bottom of bowl
9. get 2 round quick lites like you have and break them in halfs
10. place 3 halves on the edge of bowl for about 2 minutes
11. start smoking and move coals over about a inch or 2 every 10 minutes or so

also you can try mixing baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar and letting your stem soak in it. you might have to buy a rubbermade bin but i do it once a month with my pipes and it works great. make sure you fill it with hot water and let it soak for around 30 - 45 minutes

i do the same for the base but i just fill it up and let it sit on the counter. once i remover everything i hit it all with the brushes and a little vodka/water and rise it off.

i never have any ghost smells at all doing this. even when i do have a smell that normal cleaning wont take out this hass worked 100% of the time.

good luck man
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