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Default Re: hells yeahhhh, Km in route

Originally Posted by docson View Post
Here is the reply I got from regarding the discount:

"Hi Eric

That coupon code is no longer valid due to coupon abuse by non-members. In the meantime we do not have any coupon codes for Hookah Pro. We apologize for any inconvenience.

That's a very legit reason since it was a kinda universal coupon, that had to be cutting into their profit margin... If someone abused it they could do things like telling all their friends about it, people could just look on the forums and never come back, etc.

That said, it would be wonderful if someone could figure something out to get the members a discount. They would make a profit I'm sure. Maybe they could give some codes to Sambooka and members could apply for a personalized one. (Just an idea that popped in my head.)
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