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Default Re: Need help from the Hookah GODS

If you must use QL coals order some CH qls. They are the best one the market.

As for packing, I too use and Egyptian bowl, Sprinkle about 10 grams into the bowl, move it around to even it up at about 1/8 inch below rim. I use a metal screen for mine with 1 coal. Even using 3kings I can still get good flavor. If it starts to taste burnt remove the coal, purge the pipe, replace the coal on the opposite side of the bowl. Change the position of the coal about every 5 minutes.

When the smoke begins to thin and the coal is about 1/4 to 1/3 original size it may be time for a wind cover. When the coal reaches the 1/4 size mark move it to the center of the bowl and place a wind cover on. Finish smoking until it tastes burnt or the smoke thins out.

When cleaning your pipe try using scotch brite pads cut into strips on a cleaning rod. Us HOT water in the bath tub, Run water through the pipe and then run the scrubber through it. after that rinse it again. If this doesn't help run a cloth with rubbing alcohol on it through the stem then Rinse WELL.

I hope this helps.

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