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Default Sugar?

Alright, I'll be very honest here. I don't know that much about any of this, I don't have a hookah, nor have I ever used one. My brother is in college at the moment and it is very popular there. He doesn't use one either, but some of his friends do. (I don't object to it or anything, please don't get the wrong idea.)

Now, I'm a very curious person (all of this is just out of curiosity) and I started thinking and some of the people at brother's college smoke something that is just some sort of SUGAR. They say that it has absolutely no negative affects on your body, but that it tastes really good (cause it's sugar and thus sweet).

The way my brother explained it, the sugar can be absorbed in your lungs (as long as it doesn't burn since smoke doesn't get absorbed like that) and then into your bloodstream, so it doesn't cause any problems (unless your diabetic). This is all just out of curiosity, does anyone know anything on this subject?
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