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The KM Pro hose is by far the widest, but you can get them to all pull the same. I did some tests and if you have a wider mouthpiece on a nammor/razan, etc. (any hose not as wide a km pro hose) you can get it to pull extremely easy. If you put a wider mouthpiece on a tinier hose, it will better your pull. You can test it on a nammor, take a steady pull with the mouth piece on, then remove the mouth piece and take a pull from the hose without it, it will pull just like a km pro hose. I just ordered a narbish and the mouth piece is supposed to be wide, but the gauge of the hose is the width of a nammor. If the pull is easier than a nammor with the widened mouth piece, It will make this observation 100% true.
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