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Default Re: hells yeahhhh, Km in route

ok so its a nice rig but of course gota have some issues right.

-one of the bowls i ordered has a chip off of it that happened in shipping, it would work ok probably but its a big chip
-the base that came with it has some stress fractures from improper annealing of the glass
-the other base i bought has a lot of "seeds" or air bubbles in it from also poor craftsmanship but i will let this one slide
-and of course there was a bit of rough on the inside of the down stem that is because it is "handmade"

over all its a nice rig, there are a few issues here and there but its all the "o its hand made thats just how it will be" thing so what ever but i am going to complain about the cracks in the vase and the chipped bowl.

i also think i need to open up the holes on the purge valve cause they seen like they dont release the smoke well enough ( a bit restricted, purge works fine but it just takes a lot of light pressure as apposed to a normal breath)

i like it for sure just need to get used to everything with the different bowls and all since im so used to my little mya mini... and i need to fab up a wind cover extension

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