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Default And so It Arrives...

Just got the box in from John today guys!

The 36" Blue Double Pear looks fastastic. Welds are nice and clean, no dings or scratches in the metal. Few scratches in the acrylic pears, but those are no big deal as I can buff them out in a few minutes with some polish and a cloth.

Everything was well packed, the base is almost perfect, one small bubble in the glass but its not an issue. Other than that no Chips / Dings / Cracks

Got my two boxes of Exoticas as well as my Starbuzz Blue Mist and White Peach. John even threw in some free Sherazade Cinnamon!

All in all another perfect order from John, I've got a long day of work, but when I get home tonight Ill take some pictures and post em up while Im smoking!

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