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Default Re: Tar Released During Smoking?

I think we can all agree that hookah isn't the healthiest thing.

What irks me is that these people are willing to turn a blind eye to chemical additives in food.... Look up what High fructose corn syrup does to your body. It's at least as bad as tobacco, will they try to ban it in public or impose high taxes on it's sale? Of course not, that would hurt our glorious corn industry and give money to those vile, sugar-growing commies! The double standard is ridiculous. There is so much shit in our food (at least here in the USA) that we shouldn't even eat, but they'll turn a blind eye to it, then stomp all over someone else for enjoying something potentially harmful.

That said, I enjoy a soda now and then. I know the acids and sweeteners are bad for me, but I understand that downside and treat myself. Because I enjoy it. Besides, somethings gotta kill me some day.
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