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Default Re: Tar Released During Smoking?

It only makes sense that hookah is better for you than almost any other type of smoking. The shisha is coated in glycerine, this protects the tobacco from releasing too much tar, and it produces smoke, a common misconception is that the burning tobacco itself produces smoke, like in ciggs or cigars. Yes, some of the tobacco is burned, hence the nicotine buzz, but it is not incinerated to an ash releasing 100% of its carcinogens and tar. Also, the smoke is much much cooler. One of the probelms with other forms of smoking is that the temperature of the smoke irritates the lungs, with hookah, smoke is usually under room temperature, this is easy on the lungs, and it will deposit less tar into your lungs because the particles are moving slower. Not to mention that the smoke goes through the water in the vase. While some people may argue this, it does filter the smoke to an extent. If you smell your water, you can smell the shisha in it because of the smoke passing through it. And with a phunnel or vortex, you can eliminate the possibility of juices going down the stem and into the water. The water also cools the smoke.

The only good argument i can find against hookah is the CO content. And this can be significantly reduced by using nicer coals (coconut natural coals release the least amount of CO). And by lighting the coals in a different room, or outside, and by making sure that they are completely lit and ashed over before using.

But, if someone were to test hookah, using a barely lit quicklight coal, an overpacked bowl, warm water, and constant dragging from a device like a vacuum. You are going to get test results that are bad. It will show excess amounts of CO, it will show hot harsh smoke, it will release more tar and carcinogens......but who smokes their hookah like that?

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