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Default Re: Anybody want to know how Tangier's is supposed to be packed?

so i tired this and well, fail. maybe i over/under packed (over if anything i think), or didnt put enough holes but it was not good. got a bit of a burnt flavor, not burning just burnt flavor (everything else was fine with it and the tobacco was acclimated fine, when i pack it my way it tastes better still)... also doesnt help that for some reason i started to feel like total shit from it when i usually can take tangiers fine just with a buzz

i love tangiers when it smokes well but frankly im just getting kinda tired of messing with it and the amount i have to use for smoke that only tastes good for 2-3 rounds of coals when the same tobacco in other brands can least 5 bowls worth. guess i need to work on making a mod for an egyptian bowl or just stick to lucid

o well

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