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My orders usually take about 10 days to arrive and I usually don't get hit by customs since most vendors are smart enough not to write TOBACCO in big red letters on the declaration slip. So yeah, no additional costs for the most part. Except when I order hookahs; the large, heavy boxes get inspected every time and then I have to pay import fees + taxes + $5 to pay the guy who opened up my package (lol wut?).

Best way to know if you can trust your vendor is to email them and ask them how they treat their neighbors from up north. Marking the package as a gift doesn't change a thing, really. If the customs agent knows it's tobacco, he'll charge you no matter what.

TL;DR Buy your hookah from a local shop, import the tobaccy from the land of Uncle Sam.

It's a tough life wrestling with bears, clubbing seals and carrying fish back to our igloos every day. Those import fees are not making things easier for us canucks :(

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