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Default Re: And so It Arrives...

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
nice lookin' rig waffle! Is that some hot girl on girl action I'm see'in on the wall behind your old lady? Holla!
You betcha ABR. Its actually quite an artistic photo, more aesthetically pleasing than most typical "Hur Hur Im a guy lesbians on my wall" posters.

Im an art / music snob

So far Its had a bowl of SB Blue Mist, Exotic White Peach, and Nakhla Sweet Melon, Mizo Mint.

All of them smoke wonderful. Im really enjoying the exotica coals, almost no work to maintain, ash perfectly clean, heat up quickly, and holy cow these things last a LONG time. In my living room with the windows closed they go for 50 minutes per set of three.

So far completely pleased with my order. However I think the KM double hour glass tri-metal may be my next acquisition if I can find one (when I have the cash that is)
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