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Default Re: Smoking sickness:(

Originally Posted by daedra
last night during that quick echat we had over at stickam (sambooka, redneck, dshrew, mahir, etcetc), i ended up getting a huge buzz later on that night. i was smoking too fast but i wasnt noticing it because i was more focused on the crazy stuff going on in the chat. then i grabbed a beer, drank that, and that was it, i was too buzzed to continue the chat (im sorry redneckwoman).

to me, its about the speed at which you smoke, im fine smoking even if i didnt have a meal before or nothing to drink, but once i start smoking fast, thats when i get either a small buzz or a major one like the one i got last night.

i got to admit though, while i was passed out, buzzed out of my mind, i had some crazy dreams about a certain someone (not you mahir! :P), it mustve been because of the CO poisoning, either that or she left an impression.
lol i also hate some mad dreams.. had a dream that we were all on the chat and some hot shit was going on there.. then i woke up lol
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