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Default Re: Tar Released During Smoking?

im going to print out this thread...and post it to all the people who have never smoked hookah that criticize it...

fact of the matter is.. if the world ends in 2012 or 2011 like the aztec calender states it as im going to spend my time enjoying a bowl or two a day when i feel like it.. i did a small 3 week project where i smoked 2 bowls of hookah a night for a week straight and that sunday i didnt smoke anything and went for a mile run and did 50 timed pushups.. next i went 2 weeks without smoking at all and that second sunday i did the same test.. heres my results

after week 1 (on hookah) : 7:20 mile 50 pushups in 35 seconds
after week 3 (no hookah or tobacco of any kind for previous 2 weeks): 7:15 mile 50 pushups 33 seconds.

its not much of a scientific study but im going to put it out there for those who are interested
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