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Default Re: Another hookah flavor thread :S

Originally Posted by nanoboy View Post
the cherry and nahkla were more on the drier side, AF grape was a little more wet.. ive already tested for leaks there are none. i guess ill try without ice?
Also, there is a small placebo effect when you go to a hookah bar. Generally, they will use quicklights, cheap tobacco and generic hookahs. But because you paid money for it, you convince yourself that it is a great session full of flavor and enjoyment. This is known as a false memory. It can result from the influence of external factors, such as the opinion of an authority figure or information repeated in the culture. An individual with an internal desire to please, to get better or to conform can easily be affected by such influences.

While i dont want to assume anything on you, this is a big possibility because it happened to me.

I first smoked hookah when i was 15. After that, i didnt try it for a few years, i remember the smoke as big as clouds. I remember the flavor like biting into a fresh strawberry......But most of those were figments of my imagination, only to dissappoint me later. I think this is why i try to strive to make my hookah as enjoyable as possible, so that i might one day reach that point, or better yet, i allow someone else to experience that and remember their best session with my hookah.

OK, im kinda going off on a tangent, but you get the idea.
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