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Default Re: my tobacco order, any thoughts?

Originally Posted by Shushyne4np2ne View Post
To be honest, you should really try AT LEAST a 50g of Nakhla. Try a 50g or some shots of Hookah Hookah/Hookah Freak for sure too. I can reccomend the following:

Sweet Melon
Earl Grey (It's an aquired taste. It's the shiznitobam.)
Mizo Grape

The Dude
Atomic Fireball
Irish Creme

Try those out, but there is nothing wrong with Starbuzz and JM. Also, when you get a little bit further into the game, give yourself a shot of Tangiers if you are feeling lucky.
I'm going to get some T Lucid, any recommendations of flavours? I wanted a mix bag really as I've got fedup having the same old day in day out.
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