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Default Re: my tobacco order, any thoughts?

Originally Posted by Shushyne4np2ne View Post
Well buddy, to be honest with you, I'm too lazy to try Tangiers right now, but I will tell you from what people in this forum say, it's really good. It's a little work and some extra effort, but I guess it's worth it. Now I'm sure you already know this, but Tangiers and Nakhla are UNWASHED tobaccos, meaning they might hit you pretty hard with a buzz if you aren't ready for it. make sure you eat some fresh fruit (well, any type of food will do) and have lots of drink (water, tea, soda) when you smoke unwashed or else you will regret it when that hookah head kicks you in the face.
I think I'll stay away from Nakhla don't want to be getting too smashed! I think Tangiers Lucid isn't as bad, the buzz is far less than its older brother!
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