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Default Re: multi hose hookah vs single

Absolutely unnecessary unless you plan on having lots of people smoking. About three to a hose.

I own a two-hose Egyptian and a three-hoser from Sahara smoke (A great hookah) and to me it's not worth the trouble. When you smoke by yourself, you're constantly trying to effectively plug the unused hose ports. When you smoke with others you're always fighting for smoke and potentially burning your shisha. Not to mention extra hoses and ports to have to clean.

My Sahara has ball-bearings that are supposed to close unused hose ports for you, but they rust shut easily and also can get lost.

After years of trying both, I'm sold on single hoses. Unless you have a lot of people sharing the same pipe (read: 5 or more) it's not worth the hassle. Easier just to pass the hose around (And more fun, IMO).
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