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Default Re: Smoking sickness:(

Headaches and Nausea are almost ALWAYS cause my the Monoxide in your coals.

Coals are not good to use while smoking if:
1. They give off a burning/wood smell while being lit
2. They are not lit all the way through, or all the way around
3. They crack or splinter with heat
4. They are too fragile to handle

High Nicotine often times can cause dizziness and leave you in a cold sweat. Headaches occur from lack of Oxygen and lack of water, it is the early stages of dehydration.

You must use high quality coals, you must test them before use. If you are using Quick Light coals you must make sure they are lit on all areas before smoking. Drink plenty of water or other liquid (not alcohol) during your session. Take shorter inhales, or just take a break altogether.

If you get a headache while smoking, it is the nicotine. If you get a headache after a session, maybe even the morning after, that is carbon monoxide poisoning from the coals.
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