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Default best HH mix/combo ever

has anyone here tried mixing HH rootbeer with HH butterscotch?... if you like both these flavors.. you need to try mixing them 50/50...if no one else has called dibbs im going to call it butterbeer...its the smoothest flavor iv EVER tried. i swear.

yesterday i was thinkin.. the HH rootbeer is good but it has a really strong sasafras ( natural rootbeer flavoring ) taste. which is good but its lacking A&W quality... so i decided to add a little carmel flavoring like the do to the drink.. so i put 50% butterscotch and 50% rootbeer sheesh into my vortex bowl... and magic..i dont know how to explain it.. first puff.. tasted like rootbeer.. second puff tasted like butterscotch.. 3rd puff tasted like buttery carmel rootbeer.. better than barqs better than A&W... easily 10/10.. gotta try it guys just thought id give you a heads up!

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