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Default I Am Now A (part time) Resident of Arwad

I have been super busy for the last couple of weeks with my time being taken up with a benefit gig for torture victims (more about that in another thread), a fruitful excursion to Hanish al-Kabir which is a tiny spot in the Red Sea and spending some time in Tartus and Marfa’ Al-Tahoun which resulted in me buying a little cottage on the isle of Arwad.

Basically I was on the isle doing tourist type stuff with a bureaucrat pal of mine and he introduced me to his cousin who owns a splendid although small cottage on the isle. As it happens his job has necessitated a move to the mainland and I offered to purchase it for the cost of a decent, late model used car which struck me as a bargain. While place does need a bit of work it's basically sound and the needed repairs are within my limited skill set which is good. Since I won't be around much I made arrangements to have young family to look after the place.

I got celebrate the occasion with a nice home cooked meal of fattouch & fatteh which I supplemented with some smoked Virti vėžiai (crawfish) and pasole (pork free naturally) I brought with me packed in dry ice. I was delighted that my contributions to the meal went over well.

After the celebratory meal I got to put my little Furrat champagne narhgile to use Arous El Nile and some DM Sweet Apple which was a delightful way to end a great day.

I also found out that a great little cafe is near by which sells various GTO brands of moassel and tombac as well as coffee. Regrettably they only sell bulk style coals but I suppose I can put up with that a couple of weeks a year.

Only real problem to any of this is that the range of ales one can get in any portion of Syria is tiny at best but you can't have an up without a down. [FONT=Arial][/FONT]
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