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Default Re: Different kinds of tobacco

Originally Posted by Bogalu View Post
I have been smoking tangiers for over a year now and love it. Although I like to try different kinds of tobacco, problem is I like the nicotine in tangiers and all other tobacco I try feels as though its dry, not actually dry, but dry as in it doesn't do anything for me. I've heard amazing things about Nakhla, can someone please tell me if the nicotine count in Nakhla is more or the same as tangiers? Thanks guys.
The sensations one gets from consuming unwahsed products like Tangiers or Nakhla has more to do with heat management and smoking styles since those things play a large role in determining how much nicotine actually enters your blood stream. Some brands like Ayam Zaman and DM have higher nicotine levels then Nakhla or Tangiers but a conservative smoking style will allow you to enjoy the taste without much in the way of a buzz.
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