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Default Egyptian "Quality"... WTF?

Ok so i just have to rant about this. first off just need to put out there that i am studying metal working and glass blowing for my degree so i might be a bit more critical than others but here we go.

these rigs we buy from egypt come to us supposedly as "great hand made pieces" yet there are pieces that are unfinished and uneven, i understand the "mark of the hand" but a lot of these issues are not just how hand made things are they are lazy. we accept dings and crappy blends and bad corrosion on a new rig as ok because they come from a "3rd world country" as i have heard the excuse.

now about the glass... wow, horrid. first off the glass is uneven thickness and honestly blowing even glass is not hard to do after very little practice. next thing, the glass is horribly seedy (i.e. air bubbles all over) which is just a sign of being lazy or not knowing what you are doing, it happens because the glass is not left to sit long enough after charging (or loading the raw materials or recycled glass in to the furnace and melting it), i have also noticed what looks to be strings of bubbles due to reusing a blow pipe with cold glass (cold being relative) on the end which traps bubbles and by allowing that glass to become part of the piece adding air bubbles to the pice.

next issue i noticed with the glass is that fact that it is annealed to fast or taken out of an annealer at to high of a temperature. when you make a piece of glass it must be slowly cooled down from about 1000* F over at least 12 hours if not more for thicker pieces (example, lenses for big telescopes at observatories have to be cooled for 9 months at least). this is the reason we get bases with stress fractures in them and the reason that putting damn ice in a base or slight temperature changes cause people to shatter their bases

maybe i am just to picky or maybe because i work with these materials that i expect a better product but this just pisses me off that we as consumers have to deal with this because it is just accepted by the industry

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