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Default Re: Egyptian "Quality"... WTF?

I agree 100% with both you Matt, and John. Firstly, sometimes the quality is utter crap but yada ya it's all part of that handcrafted charm. The thing is like Matt says, try getting the materials and paying someone to make it, then sell it on, yourself making money with it eventually getting to the states selling for $99. The way I figure it, a lot of people make money from every hookah. The craftsman, the manufacturer, the exporter, the shipping agent, the importer / wholesaler, the reseller. Everyone wants their own slice of the pie and the demand is so huge that to keep them handmade, then quality has to be reduced to keep the costs low enough to shift them in the numbers they do!

Be realistic, if each (for example) KM or Nour cost you $600 each, how many of you would have one, let alone half a dozen?
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