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Default Re: Egyptian "Quality"... WTF?

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
The thing is, lots of them are crappy. But the people who make those hookahs and those companies are not very interested in your satisfaction. Why? because they know that it wont ever get back to them. That is something that the vendors handle. So they can make bad welds, bubbles in the glass, and crap products overall, but we still pay it, and they get paid. The only way to change this would be to contact the people who make them.

This is why coal companies like exotica changed their quality control, because there were random pieces of stuff in it, then consumers (like me) complained to them. This resulted in a change of manufacturing, which not only shows care for their product, but care for their customers. This is why i still buy exoticas, even though coconaras smoke better imo.
But Exoticas got worse and he came on this forum and told us we were stupid and using them wrong and it was a conspiracy. Then he said they were better- and then coconara came out and screwed him out of business because his coals were so crappy. Yet people still buy those things... Perfect example of the consumer keeping a shitty retailer in business.
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