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Default Re: Egyptian "Quality"... WTF?

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
i'm glad you brought that up. think about it, if they were perfect and hand made each one would take days to make and the costs would be astronomical.
see john i dont think it would be that much more for a lot of the issues to be fixed, the metal work issue could be fixed for probably well under 50% more work, i would go as far to say that honestly probably 10-20% more work tops. and for the glass it would only take a bit longer to charge the glass furnace or even as simple as adjusting the program ran during the charging process, as an example one of the large glass batch/cullet (the 2 forms of raw glass, first being raw materials, second being chunks of premelted glass) specify that if you just let the glass go down to 1900-2000 *f for an hour or 2 at the end of the charging process it will reduce most of the seeds (small bubbles). which honestly is not much more time lost in the long run since you basically give up a day to charge (depending on the size of the furnace).

i honestly would expect that the end cost would be pretty close to the same for a major jump in quality. seeing as the rigs over there are costing in the 20-40 USD range i would expect the extra quality to push the price up maybe to 25-45 USD so even if it gets marked up a lot we are looking at maybe 25 bucks more per rig.

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
This makes me wonder about those super expensive hookah companies. like Meduse and such. Maybe they noticed this too, and decided to make something very superior to normal hookahs, yes, the price is up there, but they might be the best that you can get.
i think that is probably correct, from looking at the pics of those rigs the glass looks very very nice and IIRC they are hand blown

i had jokingly said i might start making hookahs but i am really thinking about it now, just not sure what the end cost could be cut down to being made in the states

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