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Default Re: Phunnel vs Vortex! You decide!

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i just got my vortex in and i have to say i am rather impressed with it, holds a bit less than a small phunnel and seems to smoke a bit better, i noticed with a scali mod/phunnel you get weird flavor until the bowl is really going which takes 15-20 mins because the heat just needs to slowly work its way through, where as with the vortex you get the same flavor pattern as a regular bowl

I have both and I broke my scalli mod and ordered two new ones which I received today. While waiting for my new scalli mods I have been using the 5 second mod
I have to say I never notice a flavor caused by the scalli mod but when I used one today I said to myself that the taste was off and I think you may be correct, that it does give off a flavor or alter the flavor. After one bowl I went back to my 5 second mod and noticed a difference. The vortex is a great bowl, it holds a lot less but I think it works just as well and it's a lot easier to use than a phunnel bowl without modifications like the mods.
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